RampartCovers LLC

Rampart Covers LLC is developing the Only Portable, Removable, Ballistic Resistant Auto Cover on the Market Today...  If you can find another one..  Let Us Know!!
We have the U.S. Patent!!

Our aim is to help make sure you are prepared for any situation.  We hope to produce and sell our bullet resistant car covers worldwide.  Contact us to learn more about turning your car, truck, van, SUV, or RV into an armored vehicle today.  

RampartCovers LLC has searched endlessly, and is quite sure that the portable, removable, ballistic resistant auto covers we are developing will truly be one of a kind.  Our patented covers are easy to strap onto your vehicle, turning it into a "mobile fortress".  Our covers ensure that you're ready for any disaster, any episode of civil unrest, street riots, and chaotic situations of any kind that we can’t even think of yet...  So we can ALL be better prepared out there...

Our Covers will be Designed For:

•Law Enforcement



•Storm Chasers   

 "One-of-a-Kind Protection"

Again, we have the U.S. patent for our exclusive auto covers, and are able to create custom sizes for cars, trucks, vans, and RVs.  RampartCovers LLC is the only company offering these products that we can find on the worldwide marketplace.  If you can find another one, let us know. 

With this new product, you choose when to make your automobile a "Mobile Fortress".  

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